Warm Up Sequence in Yoga Posture for Runner

Hey everyone! Welcome to Yoga Deep and today we have a sequence for runners, or wannabe runnerslike me. This is a nice warm-up sequence if you're about to head out for arun, or if you just want to slowly stretch your muscles or gain body awarenessto begin a running program. 

So, you can do this in your running shoesif you want, or you can be barefoot. Let's hop on the mat, or a nice,clean solid space, and stretch it out. 

All righty. So we're going to begin with anextended child's pose here. As you can see, I'm wearing my tenny shoes- mytenny shoes - my tennis shoes. Something we can do right before we head outthe door. So get on the blanket or towel or mat, and we're just goingto widen the knees super wide and bring the two big toes together and thensend the fingertips out front, relaxing down. And I was noticing runningthe other days that sometimes if I just kind of stretch up a run without stretchingmy full body, not just the kind of targeted muscle groups, I tendto seize up. 

My back, my lower left backside was gettingtight, so I just thought I'd offer a friendly reminder that this is aboutkind of connecting to the body, full body experience, so that when wehop on the pavement or the track or whatever we're running on, you'vealready set the tone of your run. You're going to be aware and alive andrunning, full body experience. Okay, a couple more breaths here, just stretching,inch the fingertips towards the front-edge of the mat, stretchingthe side body, melting the heart. Take a deep, deep breath, and on anexhale, we shall release. Come back up, and lock the knees in towards thecenterline. So, if this is too much for your knees, then we have an optionto come up on the toes here, stretch the feet, which wouldn't be a badidea. You can stay in kind of a hero pose, too. Just a gentle twist here forthe spine. Again, you're creating a full body experience for the run. 

So we'll inhale, reach all the way up--reach,reach, reach--and exhale. Turn to one side, I'm turning to the righthere first, and I'm just going to breath. Sit up nice and tall, open thechest, long, beautiful neck. And then take it to the other side, inhale, reachall the way up to your center, and then exhale, twisting to the otherside. Oh, yeah! Deep breath in, exhale out, and then we'llbring it back to center. All right. Next we're going to check withthe legs, but also, again, full- body experience. 

So come to all fours. Toesare curled under. I'm going to press the Earth away from me, send the rightleg out long. So I'm just going to rock a little bit here. Don't worryabout what Yoga pose we're doing. In fact, this is an opportunity tojust remember full body experience. So check in with the neck here,you might check in with your center, check in with the pinkie toe, thebig toe, stretch the foot, stretch the calf and consider a simple connection here, so nice and long. 

Often, we go to a run and we'll either stretchreally fast, really strong and then go and we don't have supportive leanmuscles, or we don't stress up at all and the muscles seize up and wego super tight and there's an injury. 

So there's a balance, and for me it'sall about ease. I mean, it's truly...his is what I mean by find what feelsgood. Okay, so let's switch legs now. Send the left leg back. Notice ifyou're kind of collapsing, start the awareness of full body. So whenyou're out running, you're considering drawing the shoulders away fromthe ears, supportive posture, arms, length through the crown of the head. We're rocking back and forth, stretching thecalf, again, bone to heel connection. Stretching the foot. Long,beautiful neck here, so neck is attached to the spine here. Breathe. And thenwe'll come back to center. Awesome. Take a second to just maybe rollup through the spine and rotate the wrist just to kind of counteract there.Open the chest, open the heart, and I mean, if you just want to be the averagebear here, you can just do these moves. 

But, if you want to be betterthan the average bear, why not? Why not? Why not be bigger, better shining? Start to consider your breath, like really,truly in your warm-up. Nice, long deep breaths. Just remember my voice:breath. So before we pop in our ear buds, we're really connecting to the soundof our breath. Okay. Inhale, reach it all the way up, stretch the sidebody, and exhale back to all fours. Cool. Now we'll curl the toes under, sendthe sit-bones high up for a downward dog. 

We're going to take just three,nice, long, smooth deep breaths here. So stretch it out. Again, considerthat sit-bone to heel connection. Draw the shoulders away from theears. Pedal the feet, bending one knee and then the other. One more nice,long, smooth, deep breath, and then we'll slowly lower it back down. Awesome. All right. So now we're going todive onto all fours again, this time coming into a plank. Don't panic, you'vegot this. So we've already lifted one leg and then the other. 

Now we'regoing to just try lifting both. So again, press away from the earth.Nice, one long piece here. Hey- o! Nice, long line from the crown of the headto the tip of the tailbone. Fine to rock back and forth. You can do this.Tap into your breath, my friends. Then slowly lower knees and takethe right leg and send her all up into your lunge. Use the fingertips to walk,bring the hands to the waistline, pad that knee if you need to. Ifeel good here. Okay. I'm going to curl the back toes under.Hug the inner thighs in towards the mid-line. Create a full-body experiencehere. Breathe. And then I'm going to slowly lean. Actually, I'm goingto widen my stance a little bit. So I'm on two skis here. I'm going toslowly lean in, and then as we were rocking before, we're going to rock hereor pulse here. Let's do it a couple of times. Don't evenworry about counting. It's about stretching. It's about connecting to the body.It's about feeling good about yourself for even taking this momentat all, whether you're going to go on a run after this or even if you're justprepping for a run on a future day. Cool. One more pulse or two here. Breathing.Then we'll peel the right hip crease back, fingertips will come to the mapas we rock onto that right heel and straighten the right leg. 

So, I'mactively, for this one, peeling the right hip crease back, but keeping myfull-body awesome awareness. Breathe, breathe, breathe. So based on your legs and your body, you canstay up tall here. You might relax the weight of the head down, palms comingto the earth. You might curl the back toes under if they aren't already,and you might sit back. So check in with your body. It's just hard tosay; everyone has different levels. Most of you guys who watch this probablyrun way more than I do, so just check it out. Your body will tell you.You have to have that awareness. You have to be listening. 

Okay. One more breath, and then we switchit on through. Let's actually- I wasn't going to do this, but I'm going todo this to you now. Let's go back to that plank for two more breaths. Come on!We were just going to switch, but we can do this! So you can skip this ifyou want. Two breath cycles, in and out. What was that?In and out. Okay. Lower the knees, and we take the left foot up. Samething as before, there's no rush. The body needs this moment, needs the awareness.Craves it, so that you can shine and run longer, better, happier. Handscome to the waistline, and we do the same thing as before. We kind of takea moment to find that full body awareness and then we pulse. If you're super flexy, make sure this kneeisn't going way passed the toesies. Let's be mindful, keep it stacked.We wouldn't just want to go out sprinting on our run, right? 

We'd start witha walk or jog, so be mindful. Great. Peel the left crease back and we rockonto to the left heel. Same thing here, check it out. Take it nice and slow. Be kind to those sweethammies, man. They already have the name "hammies." Which is kind ofcute, I guess. One more breath, and then we'll send it back. Okay. From here, fingertips to the mat. Liftthe back foot up, and we're going to send that back foot all the way upto meet the front. Forward fold, step in the middle of the mat here,and then nice and easy, we roll it up. Tadasana. Okay. So we have three more things to do!We can totally do this! Okay. Toes are pointing forward, we're in Tadasana.We're going to breath a nice, long deep breath in as we roll the shoulders,and then I'm going to shift my weight over to one leg, and I'm going tocatch the opposite angle. 

So, Yoga vocabulary moment. Find a focus, a Drishti,something that you can set your gaze on here that's going to help youwith your balance and stability. And then just as we did in our lunge, hugthose inner thighs together; keep the lift, the full-body experience, and thenbreath into that quad. So I'm breathing here. If I'm tight, I mightcome to a wall. It might provide myself a good amount of space here.Otherwise, if I can, then I might even grab the toes. Hug that knee towardsthe centerline and then take the opposite arm to the back. So we'reall going to be at different levels here. The tailbone's going to wantto come out, so that you can keep head over heart, heart over pelvis, to thecoccyx here. Breathe, again, all at different levels. Breathe, breathe, breathe!And then, on an exhale, release, and then switch-a-roo. Here we go. Holding onto that focus, that gaze, pressinginto all four corners of the standing foot. And, hello, do you just wantto be the average bear? Remember your yoga practice, remember yourprinciples of grounding where you can, all four corners of the feet, andlifting where you can. That opposition. One more breath, and then, on an exhale, gentlyrelease. Okay. Hold onto that focus, we're going to switch now, again.This time, we're going to lift our leg forward, bring the right ankleor whatever leg you're lifting, that ankle to the top of the opposite thigh.Hold onto your abs. No, hold onto the wall if you need to, or just hugthose inner thighs together. 

Remember that opposition. Take a deep breathin. As you exhale, reach the fingertips forward and begin to bend thatstanding leg. Rotate this ankle one way and then the other,if you like. Again, we can have one hand at the wall here, absolutely,or railing. We can stay here. To go a little deeper, we'll continue thefingertips all the way down, breathing into the outer-edge of that hip.Notice I'm not just collapsing, but I'm still pressing into all four cornersof the feet. Lots of awareness. Inhale in as you exhale. Slowlyroll up if you are down, and then shake it out. Same thing on the otherside. Deep breath in. Long, beautiful neck, and we check it out. Crossing the opposite ankle over. Checkingin with the hips, tailbone down. Spine nice and long. You can rotate that anklehere, and again, you might just stay here. Or, we'll send the fingertipsforward and bend that standing leg to go a little deeper. Breathe,and we might stay here, or we might be at the wall. Or, you might be ina mudra. Or we might go a little deeper by bending forward, again, nice, deepbend in that standing leg. We breathe here, lots of awareness. Cool. Thenwe press into the standing leg, slowly come up, and then we shake it out. Cool. Last thing I'm calling the twizzler!Just made that up. We're going to cross the ankles; most of us have donethis before. Toes pointing forward or they can cross a little bit, too.But just keep nice mindfulness over what feels good in terms of toe placement.

Now, press the back two corners of the heels as well. Inhale; reachit all the way up like you're...this is where I think I got the twizzlerthing, like in figure skating. Like you're about to do a twizzle.Shut up, Adriene. Pull the thumbs back, and then exhale. Soft bend inknees. This might be different than what you've done in gym class. Melt itdown, go a long avant-garde for me her. Here we go. So soft-bend the knees. Knees are not locked,but soft-bend the knees and then find that organic movement. Finding whatfeels good. Let the weight of the head go. Breathe. Keep a focus on yourfeetsies. Then to come out, press into the heels, draw the navel, connectto your center, draw the navel to the spine, and slowly release! Thatwas a combination of roll up and release. 

Okay. And we switch. Last thing,then we're on our way to freedom. Just kidding, the freedom is here,right guys, with me? Okay. Crossing the legs, inhale, tuck thepelvis, reach up. Find a soft bed in the knees. Again, soft bend here, not locked.And here's a Wayne's World moment. Not even going to do it. You'll know.If you know, you know. Release it down. Don't feel stuck. Work itout. Awesome. Press into the heels, draw the navel up towards the spine,and slowly we reach it up, reaching up towards the sky. Towards the stars!

Unravel the feet. Sit up nice and tall, take a deep breath in, lookup. And exhale, palms together at the heart. Namaste. Awesome! Now you'reready for your run! Mix and max these together, listen to yourbody, and let me know how your run goes. All right. I'm going to run rightnow, too. I am not kidding. All right. Let's go. 


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