LOSE BELLY FAT in 10 Days (lower belly)

Today's workout is a stubborn lower belly fat burn. I want you to do this workout for ten days in a row.

Commit! Don't forget to combine this with my cardio workouts as well.

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Starting off by imprinting the spine. Pull your lower belly muscles in nice and tight. Come up and clap, then come back down. Really fast! Let's get your heart rate up. Place the hands together. As we come up, we rotate in opposite directions. Good! 

Now place your hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back. From here, your legs are low. Open then flutter kick. Keeping the legs nice and strong. Lift your legs up and lower. Really pulling your stomach muscles in. No breaks. It's only eight minutes! Good. Lifting the legs up to 90 degrees. Pump your arms up and down. For hundreds. 

The eye gaze is forwards. Pull your stomach muscles in tight. The lower back is flat. If you can, straighten your legs out. The next exercise is dead bugs. The arms are up and you are going to take the hand to the opposite shin. Keep your lower back flat. Breathe! You've got this. Great, from there, coming into a plank. Come onto your forearms. Making sure your core is nice and tight. Start with a sea-saw, then tap your hip down. Good work. 

Now come forwards, then back. Keeping your core nice and tight. Come on, pulling those stomach muscles in. Good work. Your core should be on fire! Come back, back, then forwards. Hold there. Relax your shoulders. Hover the right leg. 

Pump it up. Keep your lower core tight. If you need them, hands behind you, but do not give up. Straight onto the other side. Flex your foot. Core tight. Breathe. Hands here, if you need them. Placing the legs outwards. Feet are touching. Hands into a diamond shape. Sit all the way up. Halfway down. Then all the way down. Straight into a boat hold. Lifting those legs up. Keep your core engaged. Relax the shoulders. 

We are just holding strong. You can straighten your legs if you want to. Straight into planks to finish up. Let's get nice and sweaty. Jump your legs in and out for four. Then do mountain climbers for four. Good! Finishing up with commandos. The core is really tight. Particularly thinking about your lower core. Coming down, then up. Pulling those stomach muscles tight. 10 seconds. Do not give up! Good work! 

Last up is a boat hold, then we are done. Straighten your opposite leg as you rotate the arms. Come on! Last exercise. Don't forget, you're doing this every day, for 10 days. Let me know in the comments below how you go! Smash that thumbs up button. It really supports my channel. Don't forget to subscribe, that's all! I'll see you tomorrow for another workout. 

Today's workout is going to be a 10-minute small waist sculpt and fat burn. You are gonna get results if you do this every single day. Please make sure you commit to two weeks who's ready. Let's do this! Starting off lying down on our backs. Legs nice and wide. Arms wide, into a star. Crunching across the body and reaching up. We have 50 seconds on, 10 seconds recovery. Good boy Teddy! Amazing work! 

Place your hands into a diamond shape underneath your back Reverse crunch, with a rotation. Then straighten the legs. Pull your core is nice and tight. Rotate and crunch. Come up into sitting. Spread your butt cheeks. Rollback to your biting point. Lift your legs. Russian twist. Onto your back again. We're going to be reaching towards the left ankle. Crunching, straightening, and back down. Crunching across the body. That's how you make it into the obliques, which is the waist muscles. You're gonna even you out now. Your course should be on fire!

Start with that punch across Strengthen the leg and then reach for that ankle. Come on guys, really working into the waist here. You are smashing it! Reaching the arms up and over the head. Come up with a full roll-up. Touch the hands to the side of the body and back down. Wow, good work. Spreading the butt cheeks. Rollback to your biting point. Hover the left leg. Right fingertips by the temple. We're going to crunch across and straighten. This is really tough. If you need to place that hand behind you, of course, you can but do not stop! We're nearly their guys. Come on all the way! Five seconds, then we change sides. Three, two, one. Change. Let's go! Hand here if you need it. Come on, really rotating across the body. Wow, okay, lying all the way down. I feel it too! Sit up with a punch. Okay, so we're coming all the way up. We punch across, across, and then back down. Really rotating the body. Now hold and punch across. Under 10 seconds. Let's go! Side plank now. 

You have two minutes left of work. Up to you, either on the forearm or on the hand. Come up into a side plank. Hold really nice and strong for me! Work those shoulders. Pull the core in tight. Now feed your arm under. Then drop your hip. Making sure you're following the hand with the eyes. Solid, well done! Straight onto the other side. You can come onto the forearms or your hands. You can also go one foot on in front of the other, or one on top of the other. Core nice and tight! Breathe. Five seconds, then we're into the feed under. Really rotate the body, like you're trying to pass something to an imaginary person behind you or your little puppy. We have one request, hit the subscribe button! You don't want to miss out on what I have coming. This is for you guys. You want to hit that subscribe button. You want to hit the bell icon next to it, and then you're not gonna get... You're not going to get FOMO! Bye guys. Love you loads. Good boy! I love you! 


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