25 min Full Body FAT BURNING Workout

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to the summer shred challenge 25 minutes full-body workout that's gonna work every part of your body. So it doesn't matter if you’re a beginner or if you’ve been working out a while now I've got both the high Impact and also no jumping low impact version to get you through this. 

So you got everything you need. Oh, here on this channel all free So I really appreciate it if you just smash that like button Subscribe and also turn on notification. Oh, so these heaps of other people out there who need a buddy nee

ds motivation. So do share your progress in the comments and use my hashtag so this workout consists of four sets with a mix of 20 to 30 seconds of Exercise and 5 to 20 seconds off. 

We're going to start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down We're starting off our warm-ups with some butt kickers go slow and easy, but feel free to bring up if you like Yeah, yeah Never switched our yeah Next we've got some jumping jacks. There's going to be no jumping low-impact variations throughout the workout So no reason not to finish these guys you can do that If you are a beginner if you're not doing a hundred percent or when you feel like giving up Inchworm is next. 

You're just crawling into a plank position and back straight up again. Make sure you keep your core tight We've got fast food next. Sort of like an American football shuffle. Start slow then increase the speed gradually Site lunges are next just two more exercises and we're out of the warm-up guys This exercise is really great to stretch out our abductors in our legs Low lunges are next as you lunge downwards extend your arms upwards like sorry We're doing about four reps then swap over to the other side Swap over guys Now we've got a 10 seconds to break and we're going to kick off set one with skater hops You're basically hopping from side to side like so and if you want to make it harder then make sure your back foot doesn't touch The floor and for low impact just take away the jumps 

Next, we've got high knees. Bring those knees up as high as possible and raise that heart rate. For low impact just take it slow. Next, we've got reach and crunch. As you crunch Make sure you're engaging that core guys if you want to work those abs, you gotta engage them Swap over to the other side Next we've got everyone's favorite or most hated exercise burpees We gotta do them guys if you want to work your whole body. We're more than halfway through set one Shuffle touch ground is next. This exercise is absolutely amazing to keep your heart rate up Make sure you do it safely and for low impact just take away the shuffle.

Next, we've got fast food again. This looks easy But this is really gonna ramp up the intensity try to do it as fast as you can but be safe Sidestep and jump is next. Be sure to jump as high as you can guys It's not about how many of these you can do is about making each jump explosive and do it in a good form Thank you when you love let me help for us because I believe the whole And That's set one great work guys with low quick twenty seconds break You can take a longer break up to a minute if you want to We're going to start set two with touch ground and cake. All exercises are set to a superset So that's two exercises back to back remember to be safe and watch your balance here especially if you're doing it on a carpet or mat which may move. For this exercise touch the ground with your left hand while Having your left leg extended behind you then jump back in and keep the other leg up Make sure you do the exercise in an explosive manner for low impact just exclude the hop No point in blaming you you did not know Now on to the other side and again don't get too excited and stumble like a day 

Now we've got quick ten seconds rest followed by a superset of curtsy lateral lunges Be sure to go as low as possible and work those legs Now on to the other side 

Next, we've got shuffle touch ground once again, remember to engage that core Now we've got push-up and shoulder taps next if you can't do a push-up you can do it on your knees Hang in there guys, you can get through this. We're halfway there. Just keep following along Lunge and skip is next lunge down And as you come back up drive in knee up and jump. Jump as high as you can guys work those legs and core Now on to the other side And for our final exercise to end set two is jumping jacks go as intense as you can guys and burn those calories Great work guys, you are doing well. We've got a quick 20 seconds break again You can take a longer break too, and we're about to start set three with shuffle burpees So start with the shuffle then get down into a plank and jump both feet back in and get up and shuffle and repeat Next we've got high knees if you're starting to feel tired you can jog it out, but I know you got this so keep pushing Now get on the ground guys and feel free to laugh at how confused I am here we've got tabletop touches next 

Next, we've got tabletop to reach you might feel the burn on your arms, but this really works your abs too keep pushing through guys We're almost done with set three. Not long to go Now get up and we've got pop squat next remember to engage your core and exhale as you go down Again exclude the jump for low-impact Jumping jacks are next. Go as intense as you can here guys Next we've got plank to the high knee. Get into a plank position and get up and do four high knees. Let's do these guys Our last exercise for the set is high kicks we've come this far so don't give up! Kick up your legs as high as you can and make sure you don't lock your knees. For low impact, just exclude the jump, Great work guys! We've got just one more set to go and we're done You can take up to a minute break if you want to Grab a fitness mat if you have one and we're going to kick off the first minute with high knees Let's do this. You can do it 

Next, we have the plank to squat. This will really work your core and arm so keep pushing through guys Slight recovery in the next one we've got plank jacks next Just four more exercises to go. We've got a bicycle crunch. So lie on your back and keep pushing I know how you feel I was so tired at this point, but let's not give up 

Next, we've got reverse crunch to lift those legs up using your core muscles as high as possible almost there guys Now flip around and we're going to do some mountain climbers. One more exercise to go after this And our last exercise is crunch Get on your back again with your knees bent and crunch forward. Be sure your neck is not doing the lifting and it's your core that's pulling you forward Great work guys, but don't move. Stay on the mat We're going to do some stretches for our cool down. Bend the right leg up and rest the right ankle across your left knee Then do the same on the other side. 

So stretching is really important guys, so don't skip this Now stretch out your legs without bending your knees keeping them as straight as possible this helps to stretch out your hamstrings Now sit upright and get into a pigeon pose this really helps to stretch out our hip flexors and our glutes Then pull the back foot up like so to stretch our quads Now do the same on the other side Now get into a downward dog and walk it out to loosen up those legs Then slowly get into a cobra pose Now into a child pose Now stretch out our hamstring and back as much as we can on both sides and we are almost done You can definitely extend the cool down a little bit longer. I do spend a little bit more time stretching out as well Great work guys, that's the end of the workout if you have enjoyed this workout to keep yourself motivated Rest up and eat well. 


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